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Conduct online consultations, review medical charts and provide follow-up care to patients through a web-based platform.

Registered Nurse

Provide patient assistance by answering medical questions via live chat and video consultations. Assist providers by gathering additional patient information and medical records.


Senior Engineer

Assist the technology team in maintaining the integrity of the software platform. Troubleshoot technical issues and coordinate with team members to maximize efficiency.  Masters or PHD in hard science preferred with experience in major programming languages.

UX Web Designer

This UX Web Designer creates easy, accessible, and seamless experiences for our customers on digital healthcare, pharmacy and retail platforms.


Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Work with the Head of Marketing to create measurement plans and reports to help our team understand what is working and what’s not based on performance goals. You will deliver meaningful reports with actionable analysis.


Senior Accountant

This person will have responsibility for a variety of accounting, financial reporting, financial analyses and transactional type activities.

General Accountant

This person will have responsibility for a variety of transactional-based activities including processing vendor payments, travel and entertainment reports, assigning account numbers and reconciling various general ledger accounts.

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