About Us.

"We are changing the healthcare system, one patient at a time."

At Rx.Me, our mission is to improve the administration of medical treatment. For decades there have been individuals who were unable to receive the care they deserve due to the high cost of medicine and inaccessibility of professional consultation. We’re combining the latest technologies with industry experts to make healthcare more affordable, accessible and convenient for patients and professionals.

Each person is unique. And so is their treatment. Our company creates custom medication to fit your needs, helping patients achieve their desired results faster and safely. Rx.Me provides a personalized approach to healthcare.

Your Health. Your Treatment. Our Mission.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Alexandar Jovanovich

Chief Medical Officer

Head Nurse

Jessica Davis, RN

Registered Nurse Leader

Stephanie Luchtman, RN

Registered Nurse

Corey Brooks, RN

Registered Nurse

Deborah Bellino, RN 

Lori Schultz, RN

Registered Nurse

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